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Learning happens naturally... but that doesn't mean homeschooling automatically feels easy! With the Parent Learning Lab... it can!

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The Parent Learning Lab is a dedicated place for homeschooling parents to come together and find the resources and support they need to get off the hamster wheel and homeschool with confidence.

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How You'll Grow

Monthly Themes.

Each month we pick one area to focus on in our learning and growth. All of the content and materials around that theme will help you pay attention to how this theme shows up in yours and your child's life and will help you make actionable changes where needed.

Make connections. 

Sure, you can go at this all on your own - but everything is better and easier with a support system! Finding like-minded people on this homeschooling journey can be tough... inside the Learning Lab, you get to connect with hundreds of other families around the world who just *get you.*

Learn from the best.

Just like we encourage parents to find mentors and seek out experts when their kids want to learn something, we do the same for you! Each month, we find a leading expert in the theme that we've chosen, and bring them to you live in our community (replays always available!).

Build your base.

We understand that every topic won't always be an immediate need for every person. To make every month helpful for you, we share information in a variety of ways to help you apply *something* every month - even if it's simple and subtle. Plus, you always have access to the vault of content so you can search when you DO have that need!

Plans for all levels

We know everyone is in a different situation in life, so we want to make sure that joining the Learning Lab in the right capacity makes sense for you!

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Meet the Hostess




I'm Leah (like the princess in Star Wars). Most importantly, I'm a mother of three incredible boys who always keep my on my toes, and remind me every single day that just when you think you have something (or someone!) figured out, things are going to change. I created the Learning Lab because I wanted to have a dedicated space for all of the amazing resources that we share with parents, and to be able to provide ongoing engagement and support for homeschooling parents! I can't wait to share with you. Welcome!

Leah McDermott

The Learning Lab is Open.

There’s no better time to bring your kids home and thrive in homeschooling than right now. The Learning Lab is open, we're diving into a new topic as we speak, and the vault of content is ready for you! Don’t wait another minute. 


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