Of course you love your child, but do you really understand them?

Join the Speaking Your Child's Learning Language Challenge to figure out your child's unique learning language.

In 5 days you’ll peel back the layers of your child’s learning needs and discover how to speak their unique learning language so you can best support them in every area of their lives - in learning and beyond!

Challenge runs January 16-21, 2023. Enroll today!

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Leah McDermott, M.Ed., author and founder of Your Natural Learner and Bridge Academy

5-Day Challenge Schedule

Day 1 Your Child’s Learning Style

Day 2 Your Intelligent Learner

Day 3 Your Learner’s Strengths, Needs, and Challenges

Day 4 The Unique Learner’s Environment

Day 5 Speaking Their Language

Day 6 Bonus Live Q&A Video



Every human has a unique learning language.

Learning your child’s unique learning language helps you identify not just the way they learn, but the way they...


Everyone learns in a unique way - as parents, it’s up to us to decipher that special language to best reach our children, especially if we are expecting them to learn new things from us!


Once you figure out this unique language your child is learning from, you’ll be better equipped to speak their language - which will help you far beyond the area of academics... it’ll transform even your daily conversation!


Learning styles are helpful to know, but they are NOT the only thing to uncover! We’re going to dive way deeper to understand your child’s perfectly special way of learning and communicating!

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Humans are complex, unique creatures. We all receive and share information and knowledge in special ways. In the Speaking Your Child's Learning Language Challenge, we're going to help you discover all of these layers that make your child who they are!

Get ready to dive so much deeper than what you thought you knew about your child.

You'll walk away from this challenge with a Learner Profile designed to help you create a living and learning experience tailored uniquely to your child and their needs!

Get in on this one of a kind challenge & discover your child's unique learning language


I already know my child's learning style - what more will I discover here?

This is about so much more than learning styles, as we will learn what makes us uniquely who we are as learners and humans. Learning style is a helpful thing to know, but it's only the foundation. We will dive much deeper to create a complete learner profile for your child!

I am a Bridge Academy family member - do I have to pay for this?

Yes, this is not a free challenge for Bridge families at this time.

What if I'm not a homeschooler - will this help me?

100% yes. This is important for EVERY parent - homeschooling, unschooling, public schooling, virtual schooling, etc.... speaking your child’s learning language helps you support them in every area of their lives - from daily tasks to academic activities to lifelong skills. I'd even argue that it's MORE important for those whose children attend school, as it helps you tune into your children more and advocate for their best experience in the classroom.

Why $15?

Studies show that when we contribute to something financially, even a small amount like $15, we are more likely to participate, value what is learned, and get more out of it. We want this to be something you actually USE, not just one more thing that takes up space in your inbox.

What if I have multiple children - do I have to pay more than once?

No way - just pay once! You can just duplicate the work each day for each child that you have. It's especially fun to do this challenge in big families - to learn just how unique we all are, even in the same household with shared DNA!

Is this live? How much time do I need to dedicate?

It's a live challenge in the sense that we will be working through things together as a group during the challenge week (January 16th-21st) and Leah will be there to support you with your questions and to offer encouragement and guidance. We also know that you're a busy parent too, so we want to respect your time. The daily content is delivered to your email and posted in the Facebook group for you to work through on your own time each day. Any live chats that happen will be saved in the Facebook group and on a recap page for you to watch when it is convenient. We will schedule one live call at the end of the challenge and will take a poll for the time that suits the community best. The time you need to dedicate will depend entirely on how much you want to get out of this experience. It will take approximately 20-30 minutes each day to read the emails and work through the content. If you want to engage in the Facebook community and share thoughts with others, naturally that is more time spent (but WELL spent!). You do NOT have to have a Facebook account to be a part of this challenge.

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