Sometimes, things just get sticky.

Fingers, tables, screens... But your homeschooling shouldn't be one of them.

Join us for a 7-day challenge focused on getting you UNSTUCK and feeling more in sync with your child's needs!

Challenge begins Monday, April 18th.

This Challenge is currently closed for signups


Leah McDermott, M.Ed., author and founder of Your Natural Learner

7-Day Challenge

Day 1 The Three Questions to Ask Yourself Every Day, Week, and Month

Day 2 Get our Learner Profile Template!

Day 3 Making Room to Learn: Learning Space Design Tips

Day 4 The Easiest and Hardest Thing You Need to Know How to Do

Day 5 A Natural Learning Approach to Planning

Day 6 Areas of Development & Documentation that Matters

Day 7 Guided Reflection & Goal Setting for the Next Week


Your homeschooling shouldn't feel resistant.

This challenge will help you figure out WHY you're hitting resistance in your homeschooling experience, and help you get UNSTUCK and into a natural flow following your child's needs.

This is for you if you're struggling with...


Every day blends together, yet every day also feels like it's 67 hours long. Ugh. Help.


Is my child learning anything? How do I know? What do they actually NEED to know?


I know it shouldn't just look like "school at home".... but what does that MEAN?

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Get in on this sliding-scale challenge & get unstuck!


What if I've already gone through Unstuck before... do I need to pay again?

To be a part of this live round, yes. We are making some changes and updates to the content and experience, so we invite you to take advantage by joining at the lowest level of just $8 to be a part of this live experience! Everyone who has taken Unstuck in the past received the content via email, so you can go back through at your own pace anytime if you don't want to pay to upgrade your experience this time.

What if I'm not a homeschooler - will this help me?

It is never a bad thing to know and understand more about how your child learns best! While most of our challenge members will likely be homeschoolers, having this information about your child will absolutely help you to be a better advocate for your child in a public/private school setting.

What is the difference in the pricing levels?

We wanted this challenge to be accessible to everyone, no matter what, while still providing an amazing experience. We are able to do this by offering a sliding scale - join at the level that feels best for you financially. Every level receives the same experience. If you purchase at the supportive $28 level, you are not only helping to make this more accessible to others, but we will gift you a copy of our Morning Invitation Calendar as a special thank you!

Is this live? How much time do I need to dedicate?

It's a live challenge in the sense that we will be working through things together as a group during the challenge week (April 18-24) and Leah will be there to support you with your questions and to offer encouragement and guidance. We also know that you're a busy parent too, so we want to respect your time. The daily content is delivered to your email and posted in the Facebook group for you to work through on your own time each day. Any live chats that happen will be saved in the Facebook group for you to watch when it is convenient. We will schedule one live call at the end of the challenge and will take a poll for the time that suits the community best. The time you need to dedicate will depend entirely on how much you want to get out of this experience. It will take approximately 20-30 minutes each day to read the emails and work through the content. If you want to engage in the Facebook community and share thoughts with others, naturally that is more time spent (but WELL spent!).

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